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Chronology of the life of Marcion
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55 - The father of Marcion bishop of Sinope  
This builder of boats, is "Craignant-Dieu" which is converts this year to the Christianity by Paul de Tarse. He names him a bishop of Sinope and confides him the mission to make, financially, all the communities live that he created in the Middle East and in Greece.

65 - Death of Paul of Tarse in Rome  
It is the first author known for Christian letters in Churches, written in Greek. His letters wanted a means of évangélisation by a public reading of the officiating priest to the believers or to the heathen applicants or "Craignants-Dieu". They will be the base of the Christian theology. Paul knew only a gospel, that of the "Christ", that he did not know personally, but whose revelation he had on the road of Damascus in the year 36. Although Jew, he threw back the circumcision, the Sabbath and the food prohibitions, because these practices struck the heathen and were an unbridgeable obstacle for the conversions en masse.

The conviction of Paul was :  
- That the Christ brings the safety and the love to all, inspired by God.
- Whom the Christ is God makes Man to be similar to the men and be able to convince them that he is their rescuer.
- That the men have to send him their prayers and their cult by psalms, hymns and spiritual songs because it is an image of the invisible God.
- That the knowledge (Gnosis) must be brought according to the public, or better, to the listener, according to its degree of science and wisdom. In summary, make very simple and simplistic for deprive them, sophisticated for the others.
- That there is only "Christ" (Greek translation of the araméen Messiah, The Messiah) spiritual entity, with regard to "Jesus" (Greek translation of the araméen Yehoshua, The Rescuer) human entity.
- That the Cross of the Christ must be glorified as heavenly, mythological and symbolic of the world crucified by the evil, this poison which is in the heart of all the not introduced men.
- That the Faith in the Cross of the Christ supplants the Law of Moses.
- Finally, and it is essential for the continuation of the events, his conviction was that the reading of the Writings of the Jews, the Law of the Jews, had to be a part on no account of the cult and the prayers.

"Satan's synagogues"     
Churches (from Greek Ekklesia, assembly) of Paul of Tarse, were baptized by the circumcised Jews-Christians practising the Sabbath and the food prohibitions, as "Satan's synagogues" so much began to be born the antagonism between Western oriental and Jewish-Christian Jews-Christians.

85 - Marcion is born to Sinope, port of the Black Sea   
His father and his uncles became powerful and rich shipowners whose activities extend of Asie-Mineure in Greece.

105 - Death of the father of Marcion   
During a fire which ravages the city of Sinope, he loses almost all his family. He inherits in 20 years of his father and his uncles the company of armament of vessels of business.

105/130 - During 25 years very rich businessman    
His activities cover the whole Empire Roman. He follows as their shadow expeditionary forces to assure them the maritime logistics. He travels in all the empire. He dedicates all his leisure activities to the philosophy. The Stoic East then the gnostic Although been born in a Christian family, feels at the beginning no arrangement for the things of the religion. Opportunist in any religions to satisfy his business.

130 - Marcion enters Christian religion     
- A friend philosophizes him agreed in his last breath that the future belongs to the Christians because this religion has a God made by kindness and by charity. His religious thought evolves slowly between 130 and 135. It is the moment of what he calls " My God's discovery. "
- He takes care financially of the communities of Asia Minor and Greece based by Paul and re-take snuff in hand by his father. He rediscovers Paul's texts and becomes convinced Paulinien, Paulinism whom he will practise in a more and more wild way till the end of his days with a rough, more and more virulent and violent antiJudaism at the end of his life.
- He melts in every port where his boats practise the business, of small communities of ideas and Christian reflection, more than monastic communities. 133

- A relentless lobbyste    
During a journey in Rome, he contacts the Fathers of the Church and decides to dedicate more time to the religion. He surrounds itself with Christian thinkers. He reads and centralizes all the texts produced by the Christian community. He communicates by mail in a intense way with the Fathers of the Church in Rome to be named a bishop. He tries to convince of the force of his Faith and of his will to convert everywhere where he will can him as soon as he will release his business. He remains discreet on his religion with his customers to protect his business which depend for many of the army and the Roman administration who do not like very much sects as Judeo-Christian, nor Jews against whom they fight.

134 - The war rages in Palestine against the Jews   
- The pervading antiJudaism is strong in all the Empire because of this murderous war. It is the moment to enter religion in a definitive way think of Marcion because the situation seems to him favorable to begin the proselytism by basing him discreetly on the antiJudaism.
- He resumes contact with Rome of which he does not still manage to convince with his extremist theories. Then he bribes them with his financial power because he is the Judeo fantastically wealthy only one Chrétien in this time, and the Church of moment is in the financial need because of the explosion of the number of converts who are in the majority the poorest and the most deprived of the Empire.
- The Fathers of the Church make then little regardants on the extremist theories of Marcion because they are persuaded that his desire to be named as his father a bishop, is purely honorary. What in what they make disastrous one error.

135 - Jewish Diaspora and at the beginning of the antiJudaism 
- After the destruction of Jerusalem by the Roman troops begin the big Jewish Diaspora imposed by Rome on the holy city only. But without this city nothing more counted for the Jews and the majority preferred the exile.
- Development of a violent antiJudaism in all the empire hawked by the army which suffered a lot in Palestine.
- Sources give 100.000 Roman soldiers killed in 5 years, and 4 times more wounded persons who will remain seriously handicaped. They will be the main source of followers' military origin antiJewish marcionites. The actual beginning of the entrance to Christian action of Marcion
- The beginning of the Jewish Diaspora is the event release mechanism for Marcion.
- He "buys" his bishop's palace with as territory his counters through the Empire.
- It has for mission to create Christian communities in all the Empire, to put in their arrangement the necessary money to build a Church, create a social and medical system for the most deprived, an embryo of educational system.
- We ask him to create a publishing house to spread works on the life and the work of Jesus. He publishes in succession a titled collection " the Apostle " who groups together 10 letters of Paul de Tarse which he rewrites in his way, and "L' Evangélion" who is also a rewriting by its care of the gospel according to Luc. He explains his rewriting by the fact that he wants to make these more attractive, more hard-hitting texts, more antijudaïsants.

Born Roman it will be for Marcion its experimental fish in the Christian communities in Rome. His action is especially situated on the women who are the main source, the front door in families to be converted. She is profoundly antiJewish because her father and two of his brothers, every servicemen, are killed in Jerusalem by the Jews during the war in Palestine between 132 and 135.

Old and New Testament    
It is the concept which summarizes best Marcion. His idea is the following one :
- Nickname by mockery the Hebraic Bible " Old Testament " because for him, the Jews are on the back page of their Book, look towards their past and have for only centre of interest only themselves.
- By opposition the Christians are on the 1st page of their Book in the course of writing, the " New Testament ". They look towards the future, towards the universalism. The future belongs to them because their centre of interest it is the world, the Others.

136 - Marcion publisher    
- Marcion leaves definitively the business and dedicates himself only to the development of the Christian faith which he wants universal.
- He develops his publishing house with copyists in Athens, Antioche and Alexandria.
- He decides to exchange his reshaped but well presented, well connected texts, against all the originals of Paul or Luc whom he can get back and destroy so that circulates only his version of the facts. His hired men are going to make miracle.
- He decides to lean on the antiJudaism to Christianize. It is a simple and declinable idea in the infinity considering the socio-political environment of moment.

137 - The new Christian corpus   
- The base of the corpus of its " New Testament " will be " the Apostle " and " Evangélion " to which he will add later "Antitheses", violently antiJewish collection.
- Wide distribution in Its Churches of christophanies, which are drawings on supposed papyri to bring the " Light of Christ ", and are necessary for his antiJudaism towards the illiterates.
- As bishop, he dashes in a vast campaign of deacons' appointment, presbytres and bishops to structure the rapidly growing community. All the named are strong men and in hand, talented clergymen and soaked with the ideas of Marcion for whom they have an absolute respect. They will establish the troop of the future clergymen marcionites.

138 - Rome    
- He settles down definitively in Rome within the ruling Christian community.
- He gets acquainted of Cerdon, arrived at Rome in 135. Cerdon was native of Syria and defended the same ideas as those of Marcion, namely redeeming Christ and Good and unknown God who could be on no account that of the Law and Seers who was him Upholder of the law and Known. For Cerdon as for Marcion "Christ" had not arisen from a virgin and did not have only an appearance of body under the name of Jesus (The Rescuer). There was a resurrection only of the soul and not the body. Cerdon was a redoubtable clergyman and the debates between him and Marcion enriched their mutual understanding and their understanding of the Christian religious world.
- He gets acquainted of the young person Apelle who will be his main follower by his force of conviction and its speaker's qualities. More than all he rejected the Law and the Seers. His antiJudaism was without limit. He sells to Marcion the idea to instrument small itinerant theatrical companies by subsidizing them to spread his poison and practise acutely the évangélisation of uncultivated, illiterate crowds and easily manipulables. The theatrical performance of " The Passion of the Christ " will be its iron of lance.

138-142 - A fervent activism   
- Marcion becomes in Rome one of the tenors of the Christian faith. His thought gains widespread acceptance.
- He in Rome a publishing house with a crowd of copyists asked to produce the new Writings the artillery of the Christian church of which he wants to make.
- He evangelizes without any trouble because his thought is in sync with the environment.
- He imposes the women in the hierarchy of his Churches. They can baptize. This innovative aspect brings to him a multitude of women who will be redoubtable preachers.
- He admits in the cult heathen "curious" about this new religion because he thinks that it is the best way of being opened, of pleasing and of seducing if we want to evangelize, this to the great displeasure traditionalist catechumens who furthermore disapprove of the oriental rites practised in the Churches of Marcion in Egypt, mainly in Alexandria, in gap with the Roman Western rites. But as he is the only true banker of the Church, nobody allows to criticize openly this behavior.

143-144 - The eviction of the Big Church    
He falls over slowly to his theory of the double God, a check, that of the Christians makes love and kindness and a bad, that of the Jews, the fact of wickedness, hardness. He becomes fundamentalist of his rites and customs then imposes to his dignitaries the sexual abstinence and the celibacy because for Marcion the marriage of a monk is made with the Christ and nothing else. He leaves the monotheism for his theory of the dualism. He provokes a hard fight between partisans of 2 theories and loses the part. Forced and forced him leaves the Christian community to base in Rome the marcionisme. The legend says that the Christian Church paid out a considerable sum so that he leaves fast and not to have any more towards him of unresolved debts.

145-165 - The expansion of the Christian antiJudaism    
He crosses the Empire to preach his conception of the Christian religion. Towards 155 his influence extends over all the Empire, and its antiJewish poison spreads at a brisk pace. In 165 his detractors admit that his pernicious thought of the dualism and the antiJudaism " filled the universe " what was far from being the case for the traditional Church. The marcionisme becomes a true danger for the Roman church because its very Manichean system of preaching and the use of the Jewish scapegoat to discard of its own drift seduces so hardly that the conversions of Christians towards this obedience become a true bleeding for the Church of Rome.

165 - Death of Marcion    
He dies in Rome where he leaves a marcionite church strongly structured because she resumes a part of her former network on the Empire. But by losing his banker and his thinker the marcionisme will decline inevitably. Especially for the fact that at the end of its life Marcion wanted to impose to all his followers, whatever they are, the celibacy and the abstinence in the big reassurance of the Roman church which from this moment will make everything to erase the slightest track of its passage within it and eradicate the antiJewish poison poured by Marcion de Sinope.

200 - The absolute heretic    
The Church classifies him as a dangerous heretic gnostic that is believing to possess a knowledge of the divine realities of religious and esoteric nature, superior to that of the simple believers and giving access to the safety.
- To his followers, the gnosticism promised a secret knowledge of the divine realm and taught that in the material universe which surrounds us everything is the prey of the evil by the fact of the God of the Old Testament, the God of the Jews, who is imprisoned into the human body.
- Woken by the knowledge, the divine element of the humanity can return towards what is its normal place, the transcending celestial kingdom and the good and generous God of the Christians of the New Will.

                         Marcion... or the foundations of the Christian antijudaism