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Principle of the on-line printing office,
and in the unity, on

Why make print on-line ?   
For number of creators it is difficult, even impossible to reach a publisher if we are not already known of them or recommended to them by a person of their environment, the fact they say about the astounding mass of manuscripts which reaches them every day. We can understand them. Rather than to discourage me by waiting for an answer to the sending of my manuscripts, I decided to use the principle of the on-line electronic printing office, and in the unity.

The principle of functioning    
In here is main lines by reminding you that the priority advantage is the total absence of stock, thus no risky investment for the author. Having written your text on your computer, you go on the site, You join free of charge on-line, You choose the size of impression which you wish, The number of photos to be integrated, the colour, the black and the white, The type of coverage, binding, aspect etc., Then the computer invites you in download your text and your photos towards their server.

The cost of impression in the unity in September, 2006
According to your previous choices the computer is going to determine you :
- The cost price for the impression in the unity of your document by the Spanish printer for Europ,
- The commission for the American site, intermediary between you and the printer. The commission will be equal to the quarter of the margin which you wish.
So will be determined the total cost price of your product finished and ready to be delivered from Sevilla. For my entitled book " Me, Marcion " the cost price in summer fixed to 13.00 Euro ttc in September, 2006. It can vary in the time according to the costs of the printer.

The cost of delivery in September, 2006
It is variable according to the chosen way of transporting, considering the fact that the on-line printer for Europe is in Spain, in Sevilla very exactly.
In some centimes of Euro meadows here is rates from Spain :
4.5 Euro in the goods - Impression and delivery in 21 days by the post office
8.5 Euro in mail - Impression and delivery in 14 days by the post office
13.5 Euro in express - Impression and delivery in 7 days by TPS

The cost price for you in September, 2006
The selling price will be according to the mode of delivery about :
13 + 4.5 = 17.50 E ttc in slow ( 21 days)
13 + 8.5 = 21.50 E ttc in express ( 15 days)
13 + 13.5 = 26.50 E ttc in very fast ( 7 days)

How to order
- If you are on-line, click the link below which will bring you to the page of order

- In case of failure, copy out manually (not to copy to stick) the link below in the zone of address of your "internet explorer" having erased completely the said zone :
This link will lead you to the page of purchase of the book of

1 - If the price is posted in Dollars, to change the posting in Euro by clicking in the window in the top of the left column which indicates " to Show the prices... "
2 - You choose the mode of delivery at your address,
3 - The machine determines the price to pay, (here also window - Dollars and euro)
4 - If you agree to validate, otherwise you click "return"
5 - Finally you settle by check card secure as for any sale on internet.

Thank you and good reading.
Xavier Ponte-Corto    


                  Marcion... or the foundations of the Christian antijudaism