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Who is Marcion ?


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But… who is Marcion ?

The absolute heretic   
Every time it was given to me to speak about Marcion during the writing of my text, the inevitable question of my interlocutors was : But… who is Marcion ? And every time I was brought to answer : Good question, and why is systematically "forgotten" by the Christian and Jewish theologians, when they approach the pervading antiJudaism while he was :
- The first banker of the Christian history from 135 to 144,
- The personal prelature of Télesphore 1st, Higin 1st, then of Pie 1st, as is it the Opus Dei today, since Jean-Paul II,
- The inventor of the concepts of Old and New Testament,
- The first bishop to want that the Church of Rome parts definitively from Jewish Texts ( Old Testament), not to possess more than Christian Canon, ( New Testament ) and so not owe nothing to the Jewish culture what, according to him, would avoid of disastrous consequences,
- The first "industrial" publisher of Christian Texts consisted of his Canon, revised and corrected by any reference to the Judaism. We found the "Apostle" (Paul's epistles), "Evangélion" (Luc's gospel), and "Antitheses" there (texts and antiJewish sermons that he will develop after his eviction of the church in 144, and that the church systematically made destroy in 5th century),
- The "antiJewish" real first one, with from 144, the implementation by his sect on the whole Roman Empire, fatal system of thought which spread a resentful antiJudaism on the whole Empire, system of thought which always continues,
- The first heretic for Gnosticism of the history of the Church.

Marcion, beyond 144, defended three ideas :   
1-he recommended the dualism : a "God-good", a father of Jesus, expression always used by the Christians, and the God-upholder of the law before 144, a God-bad after 144, that of the Jews, the dark face of the world and the men, whom it was necessary to fight,
2-he conceived Jesus only pure thus mythological, magnificent spirit, without genealogy or crucifixion,
3-he wanted only Sacred Texts dedicated to the only Jesus Christ, Gospel, without any reference to the Jewish tradition which belongs only to the Jews, and to the hidden sense to reveal only to initiated, in inspired by God.

The erased memory  
We can ask the question of why of this absolute silence made around Marcion by the Christian and Jewish theologians when we know that:
- During 2nd and 3rd century there was more of marcionites that of Christians, what is not nothing, and that their antiJudaism was of an extreme violence,
- The marcionisme was repressed only in 5th century,
- it dozes off then to reappear in 8th century in Spain and in the South of France following the invasion of the Moslems of Africa,
- Another sleep of some centuries to reappear in 1096 during the first crusade or his followers, with the others, made a massacre of Jews along the banks of the Rhine and the Danube.
- it reappears in 1920 in Germany, with "Marcion" of the theologian Adolf Von Harnack, in full ascent of the Nazism and the anti-Semitism. Marcion, is it a "stain" that it is necessary to repulse in the collective unconscious of the Christians, to erase some memory of the Church of Rome ?

My motivations   
Here are the questioning which brought me to write this novel. Questioning induce by the question of a Jewish friend, asking me for why of this wave of anti-Semitism in France, in 2002-2003, and my incapacity to answer with light this question. Wanting to understand and to take out traditional answers set language, I discovered Marcion, known for all, but considered by the theologians catholic as the absolute horror, as the heretic whose only name must not be expressed, and whose Church of Rome organized everything to remove tracks. I found that all these elements made a good base for a novel on the primitive Christianity.

The pitch   
To describe it poisonous person of the primitive Christianity, I opted for the mode of the novel and I chose the strongest two periods of his life, which since then condition those of the Christians and Jews.
- The first one covers the summer 135 or Marcion, powerful and rich shipowner, obtains from the Church of Rome, against a strong remuneration, its personal prelate and its license to become publisher of the Christians Texts. With his co-workers, his friends, his family and his fortune, he begins to structure the Church to make her reach the purpose that he settled, to abandon the Judaism and his Hebraic Bible, to concentrate that on Jesus and the New Testament.
- The second part of the novel is situated in mid-July 144, date the council which listened to him attentively then which refused to follow him in its antiJewish frenzy. After this lost lawsuit, he left the Big Church to name himself leader of his fundamentalist and fanatical Christian sect, the marcionisme.

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               Marcion... or the foundations of the Christian antijudaism