or the foundations of the Christian antijudaism

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Marcion of Sinope (85 - 165)

Marcion was the inventor of the Christian antiJudaism,
The most poisonous person of the history of the Christianity,
A wound never closed by the history of the Jews and of the Christians,
A denial absolved by the Jewish and Christian theologians !

The great name of history   
If Marcion was the 1st Christian heretic gnostic,
- He was at first the first banker of the Christian Church,
- Then the one who invented the concepts of Old and New Testament,
- And the one who became the 1st publisher of the Corpus primitive Christian.
But it was especially the one who, after his eviction of the Big Church, set up in 2nd century, on the whole Empire of Rome, the Christian antiJudaism.
It disastrous system of thought continues always 2.000 years later.

The questioning   
We can ask the question of why of the absence of use of Marcion by the Christian and Jewish theologians when they approach the question of the antiJudaism, the religious problem, and of its racist drift, anti-Semitism!
Marcion is denied by them because, among others frenzy on the axis of the Judeo-Jewish evil, he questions the foundations of these two religions by leading in his argumentation that the Hebrew were a tribal common people having invented a mythological past for landing its transparency … Crossed that the Jews took for ready cash and the Christians in their continuation.
Malay generalized!

Good reading in all
Xavier Ponte-Corto

                       Marcion... or the foundations of the Christian antijudaism